Current Market Valuation

We estimate the current value of your property.

Our Process

We provide a market value report that can be used by banks, mortgage brokers, private lenders, lawyers, and insurance companies, among others. With our expert insights into the latest market data, we provide you with an accurate value of your property.

Other Services

Commercial and Industrial Building

We provide valuations for both commercial and industrial, single and multi-use property.

Commercial Market Rent

We help negotiate lease agreements between owners, tenants, and landlords.

New Construction and Progress Report

We provide potential market value of your property once constructed or renovated.

Capital Gains Appraisal

We calculate investment assets that have increased in value since the property was bought.

Consulting Valuation

We determine a property’s market value using our expertise and data analysis to guide your buying or selling decisions.

Marital Separation Appraisals

When either spouse wishes to retain the marital residence after divorce.

Estate Settlement

We specialize in completing real estate appraisals for both estates and trusts.

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